Introducing Fearless Clinical Consulting, the newest addition to Nuevo Dia Family Wellness in 2021.

Fearless Clinical Consulting is where I bring my over 20 years of experience as a therapist, supervisor, and administrator to the practice of individual clinical supervision. I emphasize "fearless" here because it is what I seek to help you become: a confident clinician open to continued learning, and one who feels deep down that they are informed enough to serve their clients. I want to pass on what I learned when I was new in the field, when I was burnt out, and when I doubted myself most. I made it through, and so can you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many new therapists entering the world of private practice. I am here to help you grow in this new world and to help you not lose best practices in your transition. Seeking regular supervision is not a sign of weakness in this field. Regular peer consultation can help you feel less alone and avoid burnout. It is self-care.

My focus is on building clinician competence and confidence, as well as general practice ethics in building a private practice. My clinical specialty and advanced training are in structural family therapy and family systems. I am also able to help you identify and develop your niche in practice, no matter what that may be.

For group practice owners, I am able to assist you with hiring via helping you identify the best candidates for your open positions, utilizing anti-racist practices in doing so. I utilized inclusive interviewing practices for over fifteen years in hiring both office and home-based clinicians in New York City, as well as in Connecticut. I want you to experience joy and excitement in your new hires.

My rate is $100 per hour of supervision. Venmo and PayPal are accepted.

Please reach out via email at in order to schedule a free consultation in order to determine whether we are a good fit. I look forward to helping you on your journey. Be fearless.